The life of a neglected dog. Part 2

It was just me mom and dad on the farm. I was lonely.. All my brothers and sisters were gone and I wasn’t used to it. I was moms favourite, dads not so much. I tried to play with him but he would just growl at me & id get scared so eventually I stayed away. Our owner loved cuddling us. Me and mom slept in bed with her and I eventually quit fretting for my brothers and sisters.

I had all the love I needed, I was content, happy and life was just great.

Things changed drastically when the owners of our farm wanted their house back. We moved to another smaller farm. I like to roam like my dad, me mom and dad would chase the neighbours turkeys. Mom would give them to me and I’d kill them.

We weren’t in there long…. I don’t know what happened.

From there we moved into town. I went with my owner and dad. Mom went with my owners mom. I needed my mom, it got hard without her. Dad was jealous of me, and would try to attack me. Only because mom wasn’t there to look out for me.

My owner put me outside, she tied me up and i had my own kennel. I didn’t like that, I cried for weeks! I didn’t belong there, I missed her bed, I missed my mom, u missed my freedom.

So I played up, if I got off my chain I’d go next door to the old lady’s house and walk in her gardens, my owner would see me and tell me to come home. I’d listen. The old lady told the people from dog jail that I bit her. I was harmless, I never would have bit a human. She lied. She just didn’t like my crying at all hours of the night and morning and she wanted us out. 

My owner got fed up with the drama so we moved again. I was 2 by then and this would be the last house I ever lived at. 

My dad and I clashed a lot, he hardened me up. He would attack me if I was too close to him, and growl at me while I was eating and I would just take it, he was the alpha. By then I was used to being outside, we were on opposite sides of our yard.

One day I’d had enough! My owner wasn’t paying much attention to me anymore and I attacked dad pretty bad. So bad he needed medical attention. 

He backed off after that and eventually came right health wise. Mentally I was angry. 

The life of a neglected dog (as told by franki)

I was finally coming to earth! Exciting stuff, I couldn’t wait! I picked my mother & father long before I got there, we had a soul contract & the plus side was they would be living together, woohoo!!! I was also assigned to my owner, she absolutely loved dogs. I could see it in the way she treated mom. I would watch them together from above before I was even born and couldn’t wait to meet them and see how beautiful they were in real life. 

Finally the day came, January 3rd. I was the 2nd out of 10 to be born.. We were all shards from the same soul. Circumstances changed on the other side and 1 of my brothers / shards backed out of his contract just after mom gave birth to him. In the end i ended up with 3 sisters and 5 brothers which was more than enough! Life was great! We lived out on a farm so we had lots of space to run around and wreak havoc. & boy did we wreak havoc! There was no garden undug, no shoe unchewed, no place on our farm unexplored & the food oh my god! So much delicious food…..My owner loved us all so much, she wanted to keep us all, she would tell us so everyday but as we grew older, larger, and more unruly, the time had come for us all to get new owners. My brothers & sisters were slowly leaving one by one. Two people took 2 of my brother and sisters at once. They all would ask if I was for sale, but my owner would always tell them I was already taken. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when she decided to keep me all for herself and my eldest brother, but it was. It was one of the best surprises of my whole life!! 

She gave Blacki to a friend, who gave him to a friend of a friend. He got shot in the head… They decided they didn’t want him anymore and didn’t bother to find anyone that did. Fast forward 5 years, of the 9 of us, only 4 survived but we’ll get to them all during the story…

Peanut & Noodle, my other brothersboth got taken by a  teenager. Noodle “ran away” apparently 3 weeks later & the guy who got them ended up in prison for selling methamphetamine for an Australian bike gang… He was getting initiated & Peanuts whereabouts are unknown. 

Corona my other brother is still around hes a roamer just like our dad. Our dad is a border collie cross. Our mom is a bull mastiff cross.

Majority of us have our mothers temper and our fathers “all about me” mentality…. Not a good mix as you will see later on 

Mya Mia and Jorja my 3 sisters are still with their respective owners and living it up

Jorge my last brother is with Mia and their owner… He’s still alive also.

I passed away today….5 November 2015. I was 5 years old. And here is my story…….